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Jessica Longarini gets you the marketing results you want using her effective and personalized SEO and online marketing services

Jessica Longarini - SEO Girl

Hey, I'm Jessica.

Jessica Longarini, young entrepreneurial woman. I am a talented SEO and Online Marketing Professional.

I like to think of myself as the fun marketing girl. I love what I do, I have fun doing it, and it shows!

I grew up doing SEO and social media promotions. It comes naturally to me. I love this work and have so much fun with it because I get to see every project succeed. Every project is a challenge that I need to see through!

As of September 2015, I started working on client projects in conjunction with Nextus Management. Their team brings so much in terms of reputation management which has become a very important aspect of SEO and online marketing. With my talents and their experience, I am able to offer some of the most effective ways to promote you, your company, your product or service.

My work style is very casual and I always make it fun for me and my clients. Some people take things way too seriously and rigidly. Marketing is not just about science. It's also about a personal touch! I love people, and they love me back, and that's how I can make the great connections I have.

So? You wanna meet up and talk marketing??

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  • Jessica Longarini
  • Toronto, Canada

Know Me

Get to know me as a person. I have an excellent personal relationship with every client





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Marketing Rep





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What I Do For You

I manage Internet projects that solve your business needs, from website design and development all the way to reputation management. My goal is to make you more money and get you the highest possible return on your marketing investment.


I use marketing strategies, SEO, PPC, user conversion techniques, and whatever it takes to increase your client base. More clients means more money


Social media, reputation management, articles, press releases ... they all play an important role in improving your image and getting users to trust you


If your business does not have a strong web presence yet, then what are you waiting for? I'll get you a modern responsive site that will make you proud


Why Me?

I'm the perfect marketing girl for you and your business

I'm Young and Creative

Plus I'm friends with all those vibrant young people with brilliant ideas

I'm Professionally Connected

I work with a reputable marketing firm (Nextus Management) who give me the formal training and certifications I need, and connect me with various professionals to share ideas and get work done

I Make You Money

I always get the job done with your success in mind. The purpose of a marketing campaign is to make more money for the client, and I understand that very well

I Travel

Sure, I'm based in Toronto, but I visit clients across the USA and Canada

People Love Me

I'm a fun and friendly person and people love me, both in my personal and professional lives. I go the extra mile for my clients and make sure it is a fun and rewarding experience for them

Ciroc Promotion

Audience Connect

My Special Marketing Course


A course designed by me to teach professionals and business owners how to connect with people and marketing themselves, their products, and services effectively


I teach you practical knowledge and skills, illustrate creative marketing strategies through real examples, and share my personal experiences and techniques


I'm running an online marketing bootcamp at Club Med Punta Cana in April 2017! It is going to be the ultimate fun learning experience anywhere! Only 20 people


My Strengths

I took the marketing aptitude test at Nextus. Here are my results


My Resume

I have 4 years experience in marketing, promotions and SEO

Professional Education

2015 - 2016

Diploma - George Brown College

I am studying Business-Marketing at George Brown. Most of my experience in marketing is practical. I learned SEO on my own and got very good at it. I read so many books on marketing and applied it to my project. Now it's time to formalize what I know and get a degree in it.


Adwords Certification - Nextus Management

I had to study and practice Google Adwords and get certified in it. It is a requirement for my work at Nextus.


SEO & Online Marketing Certification - Nextus Management

I took the SEO and marketing course that Nextus offers some of its clients. It teaches all about SEO, branding, communication, influence, persuasion, and consumer behaviour. Great learning material!

Work Experience

2015 - Now

SEO Marketing Manager - Nextus Management

Nextus hired me to manage the SEO for their different projects because I'm a natural and so good at it! It's a great experience because I am learning so much about all the aspects of marketing.


Online Promotions - Various Projects

I worked on many online marketing projects doing Search Engine Optimization and social media promotions.

2013 - 2015

Hostess/Promotions - Various Locations

I took on many online marketing projects doing Search Engine Optimization and social media promotions. I worked at many wonderful places in Toronto including Product/Barcode Nightclub, Faces Nightclub, and Kefi.

Charity Volunteering


Campaigner - Ontario Federation of Cerebral Palsy

Campaigning and fundraising for cerebral palsy.


Camp Counsellor - Calvary Church

Supervising children's activities at the church camp in Toronto. Fun times!


Every person I work with is a close friend

Nextus Management

"Jessica quickly won us over with her personality and skills. She has a friendly and personal approach, and she is a natural when it comes to Internet marketing. The ideas she has are amazing."

Ramsay Baroody
Managing Director
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Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy

"Working with Jessica on marketing ideas was a very mind opening experience!"

Kelly Apollinaro
Public Relations & Marketing Consultant
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AppleOne Employment Services

"If Jessica were looking for a job, I'd be the first in line to hire her."

Shirley McLean
Recruitment Specialist
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Next Steps

Hey let's connect and see where it goes

I'm here to network, learn, and help. I have so much to offer, and so much I want to experience at the same time. That's why I'd like to meet people with similar interests: students learning about marketing, professionals trying to improve their image and promote themselves, and entrepreneurs who need help marketing their projects.

If you are looking for the right person to successfully handle your marketing project, then I'm your girl!

Contact me to discuss possibilities, or check out my services to see how I can help you.
Or take a look at my Audience Connect marketing course if that is your preference.

Contact Me

I'd love to hear from you!


Jessica Longarini